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Locus Compilation

Film compiled for Hadyn Wilson’s Locus Non Consequensia talk at Manly Art Gallery and Museum on February 15, 2018.

Locus Non Consequensia – South America – 2019

Locus Non Consequensia, Chile

Locus Non Consequensia, Argentina

Locus Non Consequensia – Manly Arts Festival 2017

Locus inaugural ‘Dedication’

Lewis D McLeod ‘Metamporphosis’

A powerful to the Locus Non Consequensia dedication theme of ‘inconsequential spaces’

(filmed at National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Sydney)

Interacting with the Locus frame during the two weeks of the festival

Mosman High School art students with their teacher, Mr David Manuell making Locus Non Consequensia t-shirts

Locus Hands

Locus Drawings

Locus chosen location


Making of the Locus frame