Locus Non Consequensia

The Locus project seeks to confer a symbolic recognition to a place which has no apparent claim to be selected for this sort of attention. It is a project which is antithetical to the idea of monumentalising or making any claim to a hierarchy of place.

Instead, it draws attention to places that are not considered as important (other than its utilitarian value or functional role).

The one square metre, randomly chosen (the Locus) is therefore a symbol of every place which is similarly overlooked.

These areas constitute the majority of the earth’s surface whose name has no action, no intent and no charter.

Environment is often seen or understood to mean habitat, a place for species including ourselves to live.  It recognises a need for clean air, clean and reliable water and the provision and wherewithal to sustain these fundamentals into the future.

The Locus project gives recognition instead to the physical reality of our earth, its visceral presence.

Locus represents a cognitive and objective declaration and acknowledgment of space.

Locus is one symbolic square metre which is representative of the millions of other square metres which make up the planet we call home.

This small steel frame of one metre square invites anyone who is curious and reflective to consider the space it encompasses in all its ordinariness. It is a space with no assigned status, no proclaimed history, not hallowed or sacred or profane and not tainted with human hubris. It dissuades any claim to aesthetics or fashion or liberalism or philosophy but through its specificity, it reflects a universal truth.

It is, in short, a space worth considering especially at this time in human history.

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