Locus Videos

Here you’ll find a selection Locus Non Consequensia Videos. Some of them you may have seen elsewhere on our social media.

Locus Non Consequensia – Manly Arts Festival 2017

17 September – Hadyn Playing Fiddle at the Locus Frame

22 September – Georgia and Jackson playing at the Locus Frame

17 September – Danny Fitzpatrick with his ‘light staff’ while Hadyn plays his fiddle

17 September – Adrienne (with Chris) requests Hadyn to play Country and Western

15 September – Time lapse of people visiting the Locus Frame

12 September – Simon, Jenny, Joan and John visit the Locus Frame

28 August – Welding the Legs to the Locus Frame

26 August – Equipment Check with Rachel Carroll, Manly Art Gallery

22 August – Locus Hands

4 August – Hadyn’s Drawings from the Green Locus Book (accompanied by Composer, Alan Holley’s Hammerings II)

4 August – Hadyn talks about his sketch of the Locus Location for the Manly Arts Festival 2017

30 July – Locus Non Consequensia Location for the Manly Arts Festival 2017

17 July – Hadyn talks through the Locus concept

4 July – Mr David Manuell teaches the art of screen printing to his Year 10 students (Locus t-shirts – during school holidays)

24 May – Drawings of a small bush plot and the inspiration behind Locus Non Consequensia

Locus small drawings from Locus Non Consequensia on Vimeo.
10 May – From the Foundry to the Studio