About the Locus project


Originally conceived as a collection of drawings by Artist Hadyn Wilson almost twenty years ago, the concept of Locus Non Consequensia or ‘Location of no consequence’ has grown into an event with the ambition to inspire a global audience.

The concept of the project is to honour an ‘inconsequential space’ and focus on one random representative square metre of ground delineated by a cast iron frame.  Importantly, this one square metre has been randomly chosen and it has no claim to any particular hierarchy of place or association.

“Through the focused attention and regard conferred on it, the one square metre of ground, the ‘Locus’ will become a symbol for all such unregarded spaces which collectively make up the vast majority of the earth’s surface.”

The location of the frame has been chosen randomly using Google Earth and a Random Number Generator.  The identified area is a grassy location under the pine trees between Manly Art Gallery and Manly Wharf.

“… The space chosen could be seen as a ‘sculpture of intent’ where the space is defined and described and made meaningful by the act of attention conferred on it by participants and spectators.”

On Saturday, 9th September at 2.30pm, as part of the Manly Arts Festival 2017, Manly Art Gallery and Museum kindly hosted the inaugural Locus Non Consequensia ‘dedication’ and what we hope will be the first of an on-going and global project.

Despite the cold southerly wind on the Saturday we were able to stage a successful ‘dedication’ which seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended.  A majority of the performers directly addressed the Locus theme and some were particularly artful and considered.  We were grateful to the general public who came and watched and who played ‘witness’ to the event and signed our ‘Book of Witness’.

Your Continued Involvement in the Locus Project 

Manly Arts Festival 2017 – Friday, 8 September – Tuesday, 3 October

The project continues at the Locus frame throughout the Manly Arts Festival with the frame being illuminated each evening from 6.30pm.  The frame, a bright blue, hovers above the grass at the location and is enticing many curious visitors.  We’d love you to be one of them by stopping by and #locusprojectselfie.  The chronicling of the site over the period of the festival is important to the project.  We’re also asking everyone who interacts with the frame in the evening to then visit the Manly Art Gallery (during opening hours) to sign the ‘Book of Witness’ which we plan on using as an archive of the Manly project.  Link to selected videos at the frame.

“The real meaning of the idea is to illuminate the space through a process of confirmation and intent.  In other words, the space and the attention focused up it, is the Locus, (the combination of the two).”  “If one square metre of ground which has no status, no particular regard, or aesthetic value, no pre-determined or assigned significance can be noticed, then it may act as a symbol for all such spaces and stimulate a greater sensitivity towards our human stewardship of all those spaces.”

Thank you for your interest in this non-profit, all-inclusive project.

“..stop and consider the environment in more detail… even the places that may seem of no consequence.”

Kindest regards,

Hadyn Wilson Mob:  0420 229 401 

Pru Smith (assisting):  0407 197 007

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